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Massimo71 ha pubblicato su Lomb.it 1016 articoli tra il 18/07/2003 ed il 25/07/2014.

Questo articolo stato scritto il 25/01/2012 e fa parte della sezione Cronaca e Riflessioni.

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Dalla pubblicazione ad oggi, questa pagina ha ricevuto 3210 visite (2/g.) e 14 commenti.

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 Terremoto nord italia

Il palazzo evaquato dove lavoro io ....

  1. 30 gennaio 2012


  2. 30 gennaio 2012


  3. m71
    30 gennaio 2012

    terremoto -> tzunami -> acqua -> evacquazione

  4. 30 gennaio 2012

    Evacquato, si dice evacquato. Ha ragione Massimo e torto Magofeo.

  5. 31 gennaio 2012


  6. 31 gennaio 2012

    Meno male che Ciambarlan c'!!!

  7. 02 febbraio 2012

    Ahi ahi ahi Max, da te non me l'aspettavo!

  8. 14 luglio 2012

    Articles like this really grease the shafts of knowlgdee.

  9. fglxMfNY
    22 luglio 2014

    07/24/2013If you've got a firm grasp of trig, 代数, and gtmeeory I sucpset you would be able to skip pre calculus.Example:y = 15 + 5x 2x^2Graphing and finding intercepts might be a simple pre calculus problem.Finding the maximum value of y would be a simple calculus problem. orTriangle ABC where A, B, and C are angles and a, b, and c are their opposite sides.If A = 20 degrees, b = 5, and c = 7Finding the area of the triangle would a pre calculus problem.Changing angle A to maximize the area of the triangle would be a calculus problem.

  10. yT2l2wQAU
    26 dicembre 2015

    Not done is inevitable This post reesnatos with me once I see how something can be done, and prove to myself that I can do it, I too may often abandon it.I've a few thoughts, beyond the obvious focus and finish : enjoy your doodling, abandon earlier, and share on wikis. In detail:Firstly, I would consider this more kindly a proof-of-concept execution is like an artist's sketch, and while it may be a start of a finished work, it may also be a carefully worked doodle: there is certainly fun, and some value, in working something out even if nothing comes of it, as you note. So give yourself a break!Secondly, one issue is that your time is limited and that these half-finished projects are a serious drain. To reduce the time drain, abandon projects earlier! Simply, be satisfied or distracted earlier, without spending such time filling in details that will never be completed to your satisfaction. Cut your losses!Thirdly, may I encourage you to contribute more to wikis? Your (very nice) explanation of the Kelly criterion would make a wonderful (section of) a Wikibook (, say), and one of the reasons wikis work so well is because they combine different spurts of effort some-one else can pick up and build from your abandoned work. Help us build together!More fundamentally, you're noting a conflict between what you find emotionally fulfilling (your id: learning, figuring things out), and what you find rationally fulfilling (your superego: accomplishing, benefiting others). This emotional conflict, not poor task-management, is the root issue, and might be reconciled or managed.Lastly, might I counsel some Japanese philosophy, specifically the aesthetic of ? All that exists is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, and this shouldn't be a source of sadness rather one may feel a warm melancholy at the inevitable flaws and loose ends of one's works.Thanks again for your thoughtful and provocative post.

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