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Massimo71 ha pubblicato su Lomb.it 1016 articoli tra il 18/07/2003 ed il 25/07/2014.

Questo articolo stato scritto il 01/08/2006 e fa parte della sezione lomb.it.

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  1. 20 settembre 2012

    To Ross and Jimmy on peeing in Abernathy's gas tank you shloud have tried sugar – I did when I was about 14 to some foreman that knocked me all over the “garden” area where we had to dig potatoes – don’t know why he didn’t just love me to pieces as I recall being such an angel (smile) – anyhow, about 20 minutes after beating he gave us a shade and water break so we leaned our shovels against the fence during the break and when he turned his back I bonked him the best I could with my shovel – I ended up in Townsend’s office with a “leg-and-butt-meet-belt” session – took me about 2 days to steal sugar wadded in a rag and I just walked straight across from kitchen to garage and poured sugar in the guy’s gas tank – in a few days I was back in Townsend’s office and sheriff was there – I think only thing saved me from being dragged away was a complaint would have been filed against both my mom and MCH and nobody wanted that so the law required punishment saved the perpetrator!! …. ahhh such fond memories.

  2. 1
    06 gennaio 2015


  3. 1
    06 gennaio 2015


  4. -1'
    06 gennaio 2015


    17 luglio 2015

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  6. W4NbEjq0IN
    03 settembre 2015

    This was pretty fun and maybe a liltte right. I got yellow, which I would have pshawed six months ago as I've never been a yellow kind of girl. Except for the fact that a couple weeks ago I got a wild hair and had my hubs paint our kitchen...YELLOW! I've always been a pink and white girl so this was a big step out of the box for me. Maybe I'm just finally catching up to my personality. But you? Green? I thought you bled orange. "How About Green" definitely does NOT have the same cachet. Have a fabulous day whatever color you are!

  7. NqLDo1ayw
    17 ottobre 2015

    I got green too! I wanted red. I love red. I just got brave eugonh to paint my powder room red, and I'm thrilled with it. Maybe someday I'll be that brave with a bigger room. Right now, it's just red accents everywhere.

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    06 giugno 2016

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  9. T6wtGW9NI0N1
    06 giugno 2016

    The voice of rattanoliiy! Good to hear from you.

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    04 novembre 2016

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