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  Un eventuale ingresso nell'Euro da parte di Malta andrebbe preso in considerazione dai collezionisti numismatici. Malta è il più piccolo dei 10 paesi entrati nell'Unione Europea il 1 maggio 2004, quindi quello che conierà la minor quantità di monete.

Attualmente, come si legge dal comunicato della Banca Centrale Maltese, non esistono disegni o prove 'ufficiali' degli euro maltesi.

The Central Bank of Malta would like to refer to a report appearing in the local media regarding adverts carried in specialised German magazines that claim to be selling ‘trial versions of Malta’s euro coins’.

These adverts have in fact been circulating since July 2003 and are promoting the sale of products that have been termed ‘fantasy euro patterns’. These patterns are unlike any of the legal tender Maltese coins in circulation and of the current euro area coins in that they do not reproduce the standard designs regularly featured on the front side of either the Maltese or the euro coins. Furthermore, these patterns are distinctly marked on their face with the words ‘Specimen’, ‘Prueba’, ’Trial’, ‘Essai’ and ‘Probe’ and are easily distinguishable from genuine legal tender coins.

The Bank would like to inform the public that to date no official designs for euro coins for Malta have been commissioned.

Fonte: http://www.centralbankmalta.com/site/pr1main.asp?ItemID=315

Le voci che circolano sui giornali maltesi circa l'adozione dell'euro, all'indomani dell'ingresso nell'Unione Europea da parte sono contrastanti.

In ogni modo la BCI non ammette nuovi membri nell'Euro prima del 2007.

The euro area will not be in a position to accept newcomers before 2007 and besides, Malta still has to fulfil the requirements set out by the Maastricht criteria before becoming an eligible candidate. Adequate preparation for euro entry by the financial sector will ensure a smooth transition.

Fonte: http://business.timesofmalta.com/article.php?id=2042

A Standard and Poor's study of the 10 countries which will join the European Union in two weeks' time sees Malta joining the European Monetary Union in 2009, along with Cyprus, Hungary and the Slovak Republic....Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia are projected to be the early entrants, by 2008, while Poland and the Czech Republic are expected to join in 2010 or later.

Fonte: http://business.timesofmalta.com/article.php?id=2046

Malta cannot adopt the euro until the European Central Bank admits new members to the euro area from January 2007.

Fonte: http://www.independent.com.mt/daily/newsview.asp?id=25127

Qualunque sia la data i collezionisti sono già pronti a scommettere il set maltese sarà molto ricercato !

With Malta joining the EU in 2004, the next step for all numismatists will be the introduction of the Euro Currency for Malta. Although no preliminary designs are out at the moment, Malta will definately be having a rare and limited quantity of sets available.

Fonte: http://www.emmsaid.com/malta.htm

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    21 agosto 2012


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  6. 21 settembre 2012

    Hi Josh.I have been dreaming about hianvg a chance abroad for a long time,but dreams are what they remained..So,I would prefer if we talked about improving things here in Malta.Obviously,I cannot not emphasise how important your contribtion was to Maltese singing I sent a lot of students to you,and also came myself..Some parents tell me that the price is a little too high..I tell them this I had to travel to the UK to find a good vocal coach..60 sterling per lesson plus travel and accommodation(Almost 2000 pounds for 20 lessons).How's that for expensive?Maltese people should appreciate more.Infact,you get what you pay for..My question is Since you've been here,have you noticed that almost 3/4 of airplay on radios and booking in live events are dedicated to 4 or 5 bands or people?Is this a healthy thing,in a place where airtime and exposure are already very limited? I have been struggling for many years to get my music out,and I have to a certain extent,but to be well-known is another thing If I have a song in shoulder periods',when some bands aren't releasing,I get played and promoted..If I face their competition,I'm automatically out..It's been happening for many years now,and I have searched for answers,but never got any..The thing is that a good production costs me over 600 euros,and if I mix it in London,it goes up to almost 1000 euros..A good music video costs me 3000 euros And I don't get a single cent as a sponsor,though I'm always searching Not even a sponsor from a clothes outlet I have been offered many times to be promoted by big companies abroad,but they demand an album(Which,done properly,would cost me around 10,000 euros,and I just can't afford it all at one go),so I'm back to square one I am a singer,song-writer,co-producer and keyboard player,with no band but me and my producer..I have always worked alone,and it's damn difficult What future do you see for us in Malta? 1 0

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    01 giugno 2014


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    01 giugno 2014


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  10. 08 giugno 2014

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