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  1. 20 aprile 2012

    I have been wearing ncatocts for several years now and I am also doing my research into the grey contact lenses currently on the market. I presently wear standard , but was wondering if the quality (comfort & visual) of coloured ncatocts was the same. That aside I think they look awesome.

  2. 21 aprile 2012

    Hello 2KJ & 2KM,Looking at Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris eating all that yummy food is nikamg me hungry. Eating in Australia is very special as we have so many different types of cuisines to choose from.Unfortunately I don't get to eat different cuisines very often as it is too far to travel to the restaurants. What special restaurants do you have in Leopold and Geelong?My own children have a special food from New Zealand called Lolly Cake'that they like. In Australia we have to change the ingredients a little from the traditional New Zealand recipe. We make it at home using malted biscuits, condensed milk, butter, coconut, marshmallows and lollies such as jelly babies, snakes and soft jubes. It is very messy to make but fun to eat.from Mrs W

  3. 23 aprile 2012

    M♥rris, My fav foods are sushi that comes from Japan, rice that comes from China and vegimite on tost that comes from Austrailia.:mrgreen: At ohcsol I like to eat apples, little bananas, frozon yogurt, samwiches, and friut salad. For every day foods I eat apples, bananas, nectorins, apricots, watermelon, rock melon, fruit salad.Warm Wishes,J♥rdi

  4. 23 aprile 2012

    For future rfnereece Chris, on your next can you name this wildflower question you may want to change the name of the photo you are uploading. Not sure if you can but a blog observer can role their mouse over the image and discover the image title, or right click the image to find out it's properties.

  5. 1
    06 luglio 2014


  6. 1
    06 luglio 2014


  7. -1'
    06 luglio 2014


  8. eM0wSIfDG7V
    04 settembre 2015

    I love this! I got 55% - not bad considering I never sdtiued Art History :-) But am surprised that the average is around 70% right. Looks like I brought down the average a little bit :-) I love this 'Time-Wasters' concept :-) Planning to try all of them!

  9. ZjQ9CuA1
    26 dicembre 2015

    Hm, I got "Style Guru" too fancypants - I think it was the quizz way of sianyg you can't make up your mind and watch out 'cause it could all go pear-shaped if you're not careful! Fun to do but like others,I didn't like their suggestions for me at all.I love the name of this blog - it made me laugh out loud when I saw it 'cause I'm constantly toying with colours and paint at home.

  10. jC1rZ9qG
    28 dicembre 2015

    Here's the answer key. Shield your eyes if you haven't done the quiz yet.1. Trading Places2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory3. Dick Tracy4. Wayne's World5. Top Secret6. Batman Forever7. Austin Powers in Goldmember8. An Officer and a Gentleman9. Footloose10.Stand By Me11. Notting Hill12. About a Boy13. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas14. Attack of the Clones15. The Usual Suspects16. Signs17. X-Men18. The Sixth Sense19. Dirty Dancing20. Titanic21. Singin' in the Rain22. Back to the Future23. The Big Lebowski24. The Fifth Element25. Speed26. Big27. Jumanji28. The Color of Money29. Pushing Tin30. The Flintstones31. Pulp Fiction32. Ransom33. Full Metal Jacket34. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back35. Hellraiser36. Independece Day37. E.T.38. Men in Black39. Swingers40. Porky's41. Shrek42. The Matrix43. Grease44. First Blood45. The Fast and the Furious46. The Wedding Singer47. The Blues Brothers48. Purple Rain49. The Waterboy50. White Men Can't Jump51. The Full Monty52. Jackie Brown53. Zoolander54. Fellowship of the Ring55. Sleepy Hollow56. Godzilla57. Bridget Jones's Diary58. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon59. Kingpin60. Evolution

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