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Magofeo ha pubblicato su Lomb.it 295 articoli tra il 24/04/2005 ed il 06/04/2012.

Questo articolo Ŕ stato scritto il 28/09/2010 e fa parte della sezione quiz di logica.

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Un uomo lascia pe testamento la sua proprietÓ di 100 ettari di terreno (nello Stato di cui la flag della "pictures") nella proporzione di un terzo al primo figlio, un quarto al secondo ed un quinto al terzo.
Improvvisamente, per˛, il terzo figlio morý.
Come dovevano spartirsi l'ereditÓ i due figli rimanenti?
In quale Stato vivevano?


  1. 20 settembre 2012

    Coodabeens, The Cage, The Panel . who can tell?Grant Denyer is apparently an exepnierced Monster (or is that Monsta?) Truck driver, so it wasn't like it was his first time. Perhaps he didn't have his usual cushion to sit on. [oh, I crack myself up sometimes]John, I'm mostly in agreeance with you about the revival of Doctor Who, apart from the Steven Moffatt stories they're suspenseful and quite often creepy (and pretty much devoid of any URST). That's the Who I want to see, and I can't wait for him to take over in 2010. Russell T. Davies' stuff, on the other hand, I find to be all (overblown) style and no substance. And far too much running around with the bloody sonic screwdriver, which seems to have become the modern-day equivalent of K-9. Far too much running around, full stop all a bit Keystone Cops, really.I think there's only 3 specials in total next year, not 4 (that doesn't include Children In Need, because that's only ever a few minutes long).

  2. 21 settembre 2012

    Good point. I hadn't tohught about it quite that way. :)

  3. 21 settembre 2012

    Hi, a quick question. I sigend up for post rank but I can't figure out how to get the widget you have that shares your top ten posts. Any ideas.I just discovered your blog and I love it. I already have a ton of ideas from it I want to share and do with my fifth graders when we start back next week.Thanks.Jimedublogs.misd.net/theskinny

  4. 23 settembre 2012

    Didn't reemebmr the phone #I reemebmr playing red rover, trampoline, tag i thought we played dodge ball also.I do reemebmr Sunday dinner in the dorm.It took me years before I would eat pancakes after leaving the home. I still do not eat pinto beans much. I don't eat hot dogs and balogna.I reemebmr the watermelon. It was good. Sometimes I eat salt on my watermelon.

  5. 23 settembre 2012

    how long does it take for you to slowly dsereace the number of times applying it? 1 week?applying lesser to minimize irritation and pain?will the sweating problem change to other parts of the body?do your underarm sweat normally now or totally dont sweat? cause if totally dont sweat even doing excercise will it be weird? or ur underarm is normal and juz sweat when it is really necesary like during exercise?

  6. 07 dicembre 2012

    Howie, thanks for the wnfedroul Happy Birthday blog. You and Eddie have been in recent conversation: Dennis & I just returned from a two week trip to Havelock, North Carolina to see our stunning grandson, Jack Kuehl who is your, what? Do we (southerners) say 3rd cousin or 2nd cousin once removed? He carries the Russell family genes, it appears: the scotch-irish skin, eyes, and ingenuity. He's a year old now.Ashley and Trey are doing well. They've been active with Marines for Obama. My ongoing gratitude to Eddie for his work in this (and other) campaign. It's close to home, it's a family thing: electing Obama, saving Trey from a 2nd tour in Iraq.On the drive up, Dennis and I were remembering good times spent with you and Eddie, particularly when we were all young and didn't spend our time at funerals.Laura is in Lubbock, Tx. still. She's got a new boyfriend, Ryan met him through the Obama campaign. He's with the band, too. Laura and Ryan perform at the Bright House in Lubbock with a group called, The Pretties.' Yes, indeed the family hiplets carry the banner, the beat goes on.I love you,Vicki

  7. 07 dicembre 2012

    i think she afraid of patlry everyone is going to say and the title. that would make me scared. but hello she already gave her soul to him why would he want it to be offical.

  8. -1'
    16 settembre 2014


  9. 1
    16 settembre 2014


  10. ii8veEBg
    06 giugno 2016

    Gee whiz, and I thhogut this would be hard to find out.

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