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Lincemiope ha pubblicato su Lomb.it 634 articoli tra il 16/03/2005 ed il 16/02/2011.

Questo articolo è stato scritto il 19/08/2010 e fa parte della sezione Situazioni ... possibili.

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  1. magofeo
    20 agosto 2010

    ...(vedi di nn ritoccare la moglie del "sommo" ispirandoti ad Olivia...)

  2. lincemiope
    20 agosto 2010

    sarei tentata. ma non oso a Massimo ho anche pixelato la faccia... non si sa mai mi denunci

  3. 13 luglio 2012

    in books on mind-brain research, nvrees that fire together wire together, and as the author says, you're stuck with them. What she proposes is not brain surgery to remove the troublesome pathway but developing a new pathway that competes with the old one. She points out that it takes a lot of time and work to create such a competitive behavior, but that with each successful effort to do so, the nvrees responsible for the behavior become more habituated to the activity, making it easier with time. Ryan also notes that we WILL have lapses as we go, because those old pathways are pretty powerful. Just having given it a try, though, has already started to initiate the changes desired at least we now have a wagon to fall off of. She has several good recommendations on how to gradually bypass that old pathway and even several alternative approaches for some tasks.The book is arranged in a graduated format of chapters, each one giving in a short few pages the information you need at each point in your effort to change. I read the book cover to cover first in about two hours, then I began at the beginning and started following some of her suggestions. Each chapter becomes sort of a workbook of things to do at each level of the change process. The author also makes reference to other writers on the subject of personal change that have interesting things to add, and it is obvious that she does not work in a vacuum but in collaboration with others in the field; in short she's open minded. So there are other resources to which you may turn as need arises.Probably one of the most important points she makes is that one needs to be definite about which change you're willing to make the effort to undertake. Global responses make taking action on anything impossible, so you have to select your changes with care. She also suggests that the problem be specific, with clearly defined behaviors needed to accomplish your goal and a clear means of evaluating the change. She makes a point of noting that monitoring the progress of your change is important, partially because it gives a clear measure of success and partially because it provides the satisfaction of actually seeing your efforts worth their expense. Ryan even sees back sliding as a means of assessing your progress and as an opportunity to evaluate what works and what doesn't, and thereby to make appropriate changes in your plan.An excellent book, very precise in its recommendations.

  4. 06 settembre 2013

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  5. 13 settembre 2013

    rACcLf Really informative blog.Thanks Again. Will read on...

  6. 15 ottobre 2013

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  7. 16 ottobre 2013

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    06 agosto 2014


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    06 agosto 2014


  10. -1'
    06 agosto 2014


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