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  Hamina is situated on the Gulf of Finland, 150 kilometres east of Helsinki. The distance to the Vaalimaa border crossing post on the border between Finland and Russia is 40 kilometres and to St Petersburg 250 kilometres. The arterial highway E18 runs through Hamina.
The location of Hamina on the easternmost border of the European Union provides it with excellent facilities for developing businesses.
At the beginning of 2003, the town of Hamina and the surrounding municipality of Vehkalahti merged to form the new Town of Hamina.

A trip to the past
Vehkalahti was created beside the sea, at a crossing point of boat routes and beside the Great Coastal Road in the Middle Ages. This node of land and water routes was a busy trading place. A stone church was built at the best location. Time went by, and military confrontations between two great powers, Sweden and Russia, became more and more common. This introduced a necessity to protect the border between the two countries – hence a fortress and a town were built at the border. These were given a circular shape in accordance with the latest military theories and to resemble Renaissance fortresses. This is how Hamina was born, and the Medieval stone church of Vehkalahti still stands in the centre of Hamina.

Time travels to the past
The people of Hamina have decided to go back in time, beyond several centuries. The colourful history of Hamina provides the foundation for guided time travels which can be experienced by tourists. The fortress, the buildings and their former residents have many tales to tell. Among those telling the tales are widow Gustava Langenstierna or Amalia Wilhelmina Nymalm, an apothecary´s wife. Alongside the guided tours, you can also visit attractions which are filled with past atmosphere: a bagel shop, shopkeeper´s house, churches and museums. Time travels to the past for groups can be reserved from Hamina Tourist Services. Tourists can also encounter past residents of Hamina in various events, such as the famous Elomarkkinat fair in August, or at Hamina Bastion.

Town Museum
Kadettikoulunkatu 2, tel. 749 4193
In the summer of 1783, Hamina served as the venue of an important event. Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, and her impressive retinue arrived at this border town of her empire. The next evening, King Gustavus III of Sweden also arrived at Hamina, disguised as the Count of Gotland. They met in the building which currently houses the Town Museum. Even though the negotiations between the two monarchs did not yield the desired results, tales of a pompous and theatrical encounter with ceremonies and preparations have lived on. At that time, east and west literally met in Hamina. The Town Museum also tells about this historical event.
Open in the summer Tue-Sun 10-16, in the winter Wed-Sat 11-15, Sun 12-17.

Orthodox Cemetery
The Orthodox Cemetery established in Hamina in the 18th century houses a brick church designed by Ivar Aminov and completed in 1901. The church is dedicated to Virgin Mary. The crypt of the Aladin family was designed by K.A. Wrede. In the north-east corner of this idyllic cemetery is a Jewish cemetery for the soldiers of Czar Nicholas II.

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