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 Linnansaari Park

  Rantasalmi, Savonlinna and Kangaslampi, 37 sq.km. Established 1956, extended 1982.

Located at Haukivesi, part of the Suur-Saimaa (Great Saimaa) region, Linnansaari National Park represents Finnish lakeland at its best. The park includes both a labyrinth of sheltered islands and a more open archipelago displaying scattered islands in broad, open waters. Within the park there are over 130 islands over a hectare in size, as well as several hundred smaller islets. The target surface area for the park is 38 sq.km. None of the water areas belong to the national park.

Linnansaari National Park helps protect an archipelago flora, fauna and landscapes, former settlements, and landscapes resulting from swidden agriculture, as well as the plant communities and species of Finland's Lakeland.

Most importantly, the national park is home to the extremely endangered Saimaa ringed seal (Phoca hispida saimensis).

Shores inside the park are mainly rocky or are covered with large numbers of boulders. Many of the smaller islands are very stony; an entire island may be composed of a jumble of boulders deposited on some primaeval shore.

The island vegetation in the park exhibits startling extremes. Rocks grey with lichen and dotted with stunted pines contrast with small ravines in the rocks occupied by a bright, mixed growth of broadleaf species that are gradually giving way to spruce. The park's tree stands are young. There are more broadleaf stands than in Finnish national parks generally. Linnansaari's broadleaf stands, outcrops of rock exposed to the sun's burning heat, and open meadows, provide habitats for many plant and animal species that have become rare in Finland.

Renovated as a park exhibit, the old Louhimaa small holding, with its small fields and their stone ruins, together with strips of meadows hither and thither on the main island, serve to bring added variety to the park's scenery. The settlers slashed and burned the forest right up to the early years of this century. This ancient practice has recently been deliberately re-introduced, and a score of sheep and a few cattle are once again being grazed in the forest during summer.

* Main road no.14 from Savonlinna to Parkumäki, from which minor road no. 464 to Rantasalmi.
* Coaches from Savonlinna and Pieksämäki stop at Rantasalmi.
* The park itself can only be reached by water.
* There is a regular passenger boat service from Porosalmi (Rantasalmi) and Oravi to Linnansaari in summer.
* Many travel firms can arrange guided tours to the national park. Further details from Savonlinna tourism services.
* Rowing boats can be hired from Oravi, Järvisydämen lomakylä (holiday village) at Rantasalmi, or the camp site on the main island

* The main island has marked hiking trails (7 km and 5.5 km), as well as a nature trail (2 km).
* On this island, too, one can find the Sammakkoniemi camping ground, with five cabins and a sauna available for rent, a cooking shelter, kiosk and jetty for about 10 boats. Cabins and sauna are in use from early May till end of September. Kiosk is open 26.6.-17.8.2003, daily from10 am. till 7pm.
* There are a further 15 camping places in the area, plus three cooking places.
* Fishing permits for State-owned waters are obtainable from FPS offices and Sammakkoniemi camping ground.
* A Visitor Information Centre, the Lakeland Centre (Järviluonnonkeskus), is situated in downtown Rantasalmi.
* A Nature Centre, Nestori, is situated in Savonlinna, by the Olavinlinna Castle
* Smaller information point is located at in the village of Oravi.
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